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Gynecomastia or also called as abnormal growth of normal breast tissue (both glandular and fat tissue) in males. It leads to inferiority complex and faminine appearrance in a male, needing shape correction.

It is corrected most often by lipo sculpture using the lastest and safest brazilian technique with small key hole under local anesthesia / short acting general anesthesia. It gives natural looking, handsome chest appearance immediately after procedure. Person is advised post corrections to use a compression garment for a period of 8-12 weeks.


The condition may occur in one or both breasts and begins as a small lump beneath the nipple, which may be tender. The breasts often enlarge unevenly. Gynecomastia during puberty is not uncommon and usually goes away over a period of months.

In newborns, breast development may be associated with milk flow (galactorrhea). This condition usually lasts for a couple of weeks, but in rare cases may last until the child is 2 years old.

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Androgens are hormones that create male characteristics, such as hair growth, muscle size, and a deep voice. Estrogens are hormones that create female characteristics. All men have both androgens and estrogens.

Changes in the levels of these hormones, or in how the body uses or responds to these hormones can cause enlarged breasts in men.

More than half of boys develop gynecomastia during puberty.


This can be prevented by undergoing Gynecomastia. Correction can be done through liposuction. Here in our Center, we do liposuction in Brazilian Technique. The speciality in this technique is, the pain score is very less comparative to the other techniques of liposuction. Same day results can be seen. Any way complete result can be seen in 2 weeks from the date of the surgery.

Pre Operation

Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs (such as asprin or ibuprofen) for 14 days prior to surgery, and notify the doctor of any other prescription medicines you take beforehand.

Do not drink alcohol for seven days prior to surgery. We also strongly advice, if you do, avoid smoking cigarettes for 2 weeks prior to surgery.

We ask that you take Vitamin C (up to 3 times daily) in the day prior to surgery, to promote healing and a fast recovery.

Do not eat or drink any food or liquid after midnight 11 pm of the evening prior to your scheduled surgery. You may brush your teeth.

Post Operation

Complete cosmetic recovery of the skin usually takes one to two weeks. The surgical areas may remain tender to the touch for 7 to 10 days. . On the second day,you can bathe, you will return to the SNL center for a bandage change and brief check in.

Days 4-5 will include a second follow up appointment . The sutures will be replaced with small sterile strips, which must remain entirely dry for an additional 4 days.

Pain and swelling medications, as well as antibiotics will be prescribed prior to surgery; please follow instructions on the label. Do not take any over the counter while on the prescribed pain medications. Also avoid any alcohol, nicotine, or drugs while on the pain medicine.

Begin with a simple liquid diet and introduce soft foods (porridge, toast, soups, rice), as tolerated. Afterwards, there are no dietary restrictions. Please continue to take Vitamin C daily to promote healing.

Please rest for an entire 24 hours after the operation; absolutely no bending, lifting, or straining. After day 2, slowly incorporate minimal, light movements. Driving is to be avoided for a full week after surgery.

The third check in will be scheduled after 1 month. Full recovery generally takes a full 2 months to reach the 'final' cosmetic result.


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