Hair Stem Cell Therapy

Most Advanced Hair Transplantation Technique

Hair stem cell therapy is a less invasive option to Hair Transplantation Surgery, and recommended for clients with just partial hair loss. Stem Cell Therapy, quite simply, involves harvesting stem cells from your own blood and injected into the area of hair loss.

This method has proved most effective, as your body is responsive to your own cells, as opposed to that of a donor. While relatively new and cutting edge, the procedure is regarded as highly effective and safe option for hair loss.

Scientists are extremely excited about the potential applications, from cosmetic surgery to aide in cancer research, which stem cell therapy provides. Lighting the way to a bright future in surgery and restoring your natural and beautiful appearance, contact SNL today to see if Hair Stem Cell Therapy is right for you!

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Causes for Hair Loss

Hair loss is caused due to many reasons like stress, insufficient sleep, no-timely food, lack of protein intake, recent illness and also due to consumption of Alcohol, Smoking, hypo thyroidism, iron deficiency, high testosterone levels, genetical history of baldness, post typhoid sequelae, dieting and protein deficiency, PCOD in women, different shampoos usage e.t.c.,

Types of Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair loss can be treated in four ways:

1.Medical Management.
2.Stem cell therapy with medical management.
3.Hair transplantation (+) stem cell and medical management.
4.Maintenance therapy.


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