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Rhinoplasty (nose) is an operation to improve the shape and size of the nose so that it is in harmony with the rest of the face. Rhinoplasty is essentially a surgical sculpting of the nose and is accomplished by careful contouring of the bone and cartilage giving the nose its shape. At the same time deformities that cause breathing problems and some sinus disorders can be corrected. Most incisions (seamless rhinoplasty) are placed inside the nose where they are least visible. Rhinoplasty is often an enhancement to facial rejuvenation, particularly in the correction of the aging nose (drooping of the tip). Results can mostly been seen immediately following the procedure.

Corrections Done: Tip Correction, Nostril’s correction, Bridge corrections, Permanent implant placements, Septum corrections, Broad nose corrections.

Exclusivity in Sriroop: Any nose surgery is strictly done in a combination of Cosmetic Surgeon and ENT Surgeon.

After Surgery Instructions:
Splint that is placed over the nose after few types of nose surgeries shall remain after 1 week post- operatively.Minimal bruising and swelling is expected in case of any bony correction, which will settle normally or in a week days time.

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